Espresso Bar
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Espresso Bar

The state-of-the-art Espresso Bar provides a myriad of reasons to travel out of your way to the Cavendish flagship store. For one, the world’s first Spirit espresso machine with lever technology, exclusively made in Holland by Kees van der Westen for Coco Safar, is one of them. This unique machine making its global premier in Cape Town sets the stage for an unforgettable coffee experience and journey to discover exquisite coffees and rooibos where you can have one of our baristas skillfully pulling the most extraordinary espresso shots, macchiatos and rooibos flat whites for sit down service or take out.

Our Cold Brew bar will also offer a never before seen line up of nitro style cold brew coffee, tonics and other exciting beverages on tap. A decadent hot chocolate experience is also part of the exciting drink menu.