Capsule Emporium
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Capsule Emporium

At Coco Safar, we are committed to bringing you the finest Third Wave quality coffee and the world’s first home compostable, oxygen tight BIO-CAPSULE, as a sustainable capsule experience*.

Our Capsule Emporium collections offer you a wide selection of fine freshly roasted coffees curated from the finest specialty beans and regions around the world, through our City Roast blends and Couture Edition ranges, which showcase limited releases of exceptional single origin and estate coffees. From medium-light to dark roasts, we have a City Roast blend to match every individual taste preference. And for tea lovers, we offer capsules of our signature blend of red and green Rooibos, including the world’s first Grade A single origin Rooibos in a capsule.

In the comfort of your home, you can now enjoy our Third Wave, couture estate, auction lot coffee and specialty Rooibos in the first, and only, home compostable capsule. Our capsules are also air-tight, which means that no additional overwrapping is required to maintain freshness. Made from a proprietary bio-plastic that is composed of 62% renewable materials, in a carbon neutral facility ensuring minimal environmental impact, 100% of the capsule and its contents decompose completely without any toxic impact on organic matter, not only in industrial composting plants, but in also in domestic gardens.

  • Coco Safar BIO-CAPSULES are compatible with Nespresso® machines manufactured in the year 2010 or later (with exception of Virtuoline systems). Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. and is in no way associated with Coco Safar.
  • When using our BIO-CAPSULES in any espresso machines, be sure to discharge/dispose of each capsule immediately after use as the compostable bio-plastic will break down quickly after contact with water.
  • We are also introducing new compostable lids in 2018 as part of our continued commitment to sustainability. Until we can guarantee that this new paper lid is 100% air tight as to not compromise the freshness of our products, we will continue to use foil lids and will phase in the use of paper lids as soon as we possibly can.
  • To dispose of your bio-capsules, simply remove the foil lid (if it is so) and throw in your home compost heap. With optimal conditions, our bio-capsules will need at least 160 days to fully decompose. Should you not have a compost heap at home, remove the lid and drop off at a local green refuse drop off point.