• Join us on a journey beyond the ordinary
    Join us on a journey beyond the ordinary

    Conceived in New York, designed in Toronto and created in Cape Town – Coco Safar has been a 10-year global journey to bring you a coffee café experience that is extraordinary in every way.

  • Our Coffee obsession
    Our Coffee obsession

    Our greatest passion is to create the world’s finest couture coffee experience and that journey starts with finding and blending the world’s finest Third Wave specialty and auction lot coffee beans. Our curated beans are micro-roasted in small batches for best quality, ground to fine perfection and then served with the requisite care by our highly trained baristas.

    Our Espresso Bar is home to the world’s first Spirit Idrocompresso machine, commissioned by Coco Safar hand built in Holland by the world’s leading designer and maker of commercial espresso machines Kees van der Westen. The Spirit Idrocompresso is a true innovation designed to deliver the most extraordinary coffee experience when pulling a fine shot of our curated house blends and single origin Café de Caractère.

  • About the Founders
    About the Founders

    Wil Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois are passionate food and coffee specialists having spent the best part of 20 years travelling the world in search of the finest coffee and culinary experiences. These experiences lead to many creative endeavors including opening several restaurants and café’s around the globe including Montreal, Toronto and New York.

    Coco Safar is a natural evolution of this journey and their extraordinary vision to make the luxury experience, not just the domain of the privileged few, but an everyday experience for everyone.

Our name is our promise



The word “Coco” is synonymous with luxury and “Safar” means journey in many languages. Our promise to our customers is exactly that, to provide a daily journey that is extraordinary in every way – a journey beyond the ordinary.